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Want to view everything available in store?  Availability (in stock or out of stock) and the price is reflected on  We also ship orders all over the world.

Please note that while most of the 21,000 items we have in store are  the same price as on the website, there are about 100 exceptions.  Some items in store may be lower than the website,  and some may be higher.  We will not raise or lower either one to match the other.  We do try to note on our website  when there is a higher or lower price in store.  We encourage you to contact the store beforehand if you are a local resident or are planning on a visit while in the Edmonton area. 

For a selection of TCG individual cards as well as limited time board game pre orders, please visit the link above (this is for in store pickup only).  You will also be able to start your buylist of cards on this site and see what values we are buying/trading at. Please Note: This is a open beta test of the site functionality and there may be errors.  Email chris[at] to report any errors.


For the open beta we will be limiting in store trades to max 5 per visit until we have everything inventoried and all the issues found and resolved. 



For all of your bridge supply needs, please visit our sister site,

Please note, that most bridge supplies are not carried at the retail location for Mission:Fun & Games, you will have to place an order online for the full selection.  Mission:Fun & Games will continue to stock 1240 Forms, bridge cards (include a new line this fall), bidding boxes, duplicate boards and Autobridge kits.


Store Specials



(while supplies last)

50% off the following items:


I am Vlad: Prince of Wallachia


75% off the following items:

Star Wars Edge of The Empire
Specialization Decks
Austin Poker, 
For the Record
The Brain Game DVD Game




Updated 04/23/17

Sol $32.95
Hordes Primal Mk 3 $63.95
Chicken Foot / Mexican Train $53.95
Furchterliche Feinde $24.00 
ROFL $24.95
Der Schatz Des Kapt'n Flint $17.00
Bloom $31.00
Feste Druff $9.00
Subulata $17.50
Dark Deeds $72.95
Chizo Rising Starter Kit $13.00
Aeon's End $47.42 
Assassin's Creed Arena $41.21
Gold Und Rum $13.00
Feste Druff $9.00
Relationship Tightrope $9.00
Trivial Pursuit Sports & Games $7.95
Subulata $17.50
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