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October 6 -

Betrayal at Baldur's Gate Board Game
Shadowscape Board Game
10 Minute Heist: The Wizard's Tower Board Game
Word Domination
DrunkQuest Porcelain Gods Expansion
Centipede Board Game
Ghostbusters the Board Game II Slimer Sea Fright Expansion
Ghostbusters the Board Game II Louis Tully Plazm Phenomenon Expansion
Secrets of the Lost Tomb Board Game

October 12 -

Spynet Card Game
Dead of Winter Warring Colonies Expansion
Star Wars Imperial Assault Heart of the Empire Expansion
Star Wars Imperial Assault Maul Villain Pack
Star Wars Imperial Assault Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack
Star Wars Imperial Assault Ahsoka Tano Ally Pack

October 14 -

Cheating Moth: Cheating Allowed! 
Pickles to Penguins! Travel Game
Who Nose?
See it! Slam it! Say it!
Christmas Activity Game
Big Box of Brain Stumping Fun!
Goosebumps Card Game
Smurfs: The Lost Village Board Game
Christmas Trivia Card Game
Christmas Charades Card Game
Dinosaur Snakes and Ladders
Ant Colony
Sixteen Samurai
Mosquito Madness
Vintage Art Supplies 2000pc Puzzle
Candy Store 2000pc Puzzle
The Canoe 1000pc Puzzle
Dragonforge 1000pc Puzzle 
Cobble Hill Farm 1000pc Puzzle
Dophins at Play 1000pc Puzzle
White-Tailed Deer 1000pc Puzzle
Arrival of the Magi 1000pc Puzzle
Christmas Ornaments 1000pc Puzzle
Preserving Memories 1000pc Puzzle
Cow Parade 1000pc Puzzle
Candy Bar 1000pc Puzzle
Ugly Xmas Sweaters 1000pc Puzzle 
Sugar Skull Cookies 1000pc Puzzle
Cuckoo and Friends 1000pc Puzzle
Mama Bear 1000pc Puzzle
The Gang at Pop's 1000pc Puzzle
Classic Archie 1000pc Puzzle
Feelin' Smurfy 1000pc Puzzle
Vintage Nancy Drew 1000pc Puzzle
Archie Covers 1000pc Puzzle
Love Triangle 500pc Puzzle 
Spring Cleaning at Smurfette's 500pc Puzzle
Smurfy Picnic 350pc Puzzle
Christmas Ornaments 275pc Puzzle
Gray Squirrel 275pc Puzzle
Every Dog Has It's Day 275pc Puzzle
Prehistoric Party 350pc Puzzle
Smurfette's house 25pc Puzzle
Papa's House 24pc Puzzle
Dragon School 60pc Puzzle
Clown Fish Greeting 60pc Puzzle
Gooey Louie
Maze Escape
Bumper Bots
Bankroll Shootout
The Christmas Express
Smart Circuits
Aftershock Earthquake Lab
Q-BA-MAZE Ultimate Stunt Set
Make Your Own Photo Snow Globes
Marble Run
Q-bitz Jr.
Paint Your Own Stepping Stone: Mosaic 
Paint Your Own Stepping Stone: Butterfly
Paint Your Own Stepping Stone: Turtle
Qwirkle Expansion Boards
Q-Bitz Classroom Edition
My Fairy Garden: Magical Cottage
Size Matters
Go Bleep Yourself
Chronobomb! - Briefcase
Ultra Dash
Rummikub Large Numbers Wood Case
Pop 'N' Hop
Harry Potter Board Game
Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient Expansion 
Asking for Trobils 

October 18 -

Flick 'em Up: Dead of Winter Board Game 

October 19-

Mysterium: Secrets & Lies Expansion
Ticket to Ride: Germany 

Oct 20 -

Adventuria Adventure Card Game 
Kingdom Builder Big Box
Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition
Tiny Epic Quest
Supernatural Monopoly
Codenames Disney Family Edition 

October 21-

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Board Game 

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Store Specials



(while supplies last)

Rubik Spark
29.95 -> 7.49
Thunderstone Doomgate Legion
42.95 -> 10.73 

45.95 -> 80% off
The Adventurers: Pyramids of Horus
35.95-> 77.95
76.95 -> 38.48
Wrath of Dragons
79.95 -> 59.95
Wit's End
64.95 -> 29.95
Scrabble Double Trouble
28.95-> 14.50
5-in-1 Multi Game
59.95-> 39.95
73.95-> 32.95
61.95-> 29.95
49.95-> 24.95
Head to Head Poker
Hispania (German Only)
24.95-> 12.50
The Club
37.95-> 7.50

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Updated 7/10/17
Concordia $81.95
Diplomacy $37.95
Jorvik $72.95
Quest for the Dragon Lords Crystal of Power 5-6 Expansion  $9.99
High 5 $24.46 
 The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus $17.95
Scrabble Double Trouble $14.50
Claustrophobia $74.95
Wits End $29.95
Sorprendedores  $9.19
 Scrabble to Go $59.95 
Letters From Whitechapel $64.75
Chess 4  $37.95
Chizo Rising $13.00
The Game of Life 1960 Reproduction $54.95
Chess Board 16" Walnut $20
Wits End $29.95
Classic Sorry $24.95 
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