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  • MON - SAT 10 A.M. - 9 P.M.
  • SUNDAY  11 A.M. - 5 P.M.   
  • SEPT 4 (LABOR DAY) 11 A.M. - 5 P.M.


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How Gaming at Mission Works E-mail
Here at Mission: Fun & Games, we have a beautiful round room brightly lit by floor to ceiling glass windows, filled with spacious tables, comfy chairs, a library overflowing with games, and a fully stocked snacks and pop canteen.  

We have events almost every single day here.  Role-playing games, miniature paint nights, card games such as Magic the Gathering and Pokemon.  The rest of the room, however, is for drop in board gaming!  If the tables that aren’t used by the groups, are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Your cost for drop in board gaming during store hours?  $5 flat rate for as long as you like.  Here’s the thing though: your $5 goes directly to your account and can be used at any time for store credit.  This means you can use it immediately for snacks or in-store purchases, or save up and accumulate your credit over time for larger purchases or tournament registration.  You just can’t use your in-store credit to pay for the next drop in fee.

When you sit down to game in our space, please be sure to abide by the rules (Please note, the games all have storage locations noted on them!  Make sure you put the game back where you found it.  Thanks!)  We do suggest phoning ahead to see if there’s space available (e.g., on Saturday mornings the room is completely full with Pokemon League), as we cannot hold or reserve a table for you.

Casual, drop in events during store hours are the same deal!  Examples of these include Dice Masters casual play & X-Wing.  Ccheck the calendar to verify these events.

Some regular events do have a fee.  This is due to prizing costs.  For example, our weekly Magic: the Gathering & Pokemon League have a fee so they can award sweet prizes for the players.

After hours events require an after hours pass.  These do cost an annual fee.  Right now, this applies to the Pathfinder RPG and D&D 101, as they generally run until 11pm.

Make sure you check the calendar for full details about the event you are interested in.

Store Specials



(while supplies last)

Rubik Spark
29.95 -> 7.49
Thunderstone Doomgate Legion
42.95 -> 10.73 

45.95 -> 80% off
The Adventurers: Pyramids of Horus
35.95-> 77.95
76.95 -> 38.48
Wrath of Dragons
79.95 -> 59.95
Wit's End
64.95 -> 29.95
Scrabble Double Trouble
28.95-> 14.50
5-in-1 Multi Game
59.95-> 39.95
73.95-> 32.95
61.95-> 29.95
49.95-> 24.95
Head to Head Poker
Hispania (German Only)
24.95-> 12.50
The Club
37.95-> 7.50

Updated 17-07-02



Updated 7/10/17
Concordia $81.95
Diplomacy $37.95
Jorvik $72.95
Quest for the Dragon Lords Crystal of Power 5-6 Expansion  $9.99
High 5 $24.46 
 The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus $17.95
Scrabble Double Trouble $14.50
Claustrophobia $74.95
Wits End $29.95
Sorprendedores  $9.19
 Scrabble to Go $59.95 
Letters From Whitechapel $64.75
Chess 4  $37.95
Chizo Rising $13.00
The Game of Life 1960 Reproduction $54.95
Chess Board 16" Walnut $20
Wits End $29.95
Classic Sorry $24.95 
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